WBA ASIA Championship belt has been revealed
March 04, 2017 | Written by WBA ASIA
We, WBA ASIA, are introducing our beautiful WBA ASIA belt. The follows are symbolic meaning of our belts;
 1.Two tiger faces represent dauntlessness of two opponents
 2.Three stars represent fair decision with three judges system
 3.Various colors rounding includes colors from symbols of Asian flags
If you becomes WBA ASIA champion, you could get our high quality and unique designed WBA ASIA belt with great recognition.

Also, we had established two Sub-Title championships, namely "WBA ASIA EAST title"and "WBA ASIA SOUTH title" in order to provide more opportunity to all prospect fighters who are aiming to their ultimate achievements through the path of our regional entity WBA ASIA. The "East" title is established for contestants participating from Russia, China, Japan, South Korea, North Korea, Mongolia and Central Asian countries while the "South" title is for contestants from Thailand, Malaysia, Singapore, India, Indonesia, Vietnam, Philippines, Cambodia, Laos and middle Asian countries in this continent. Our sub-titles are not just independent championship but closely relating with regular champions. The follows are our main objectives of our WBA ASIA EAST and WBA ASIA SOUTH titles.
 1.To develop new boxing market
 2.To reduce vacancies of WBA ASIA champions : if regular title vacates, one of sub-title champions has a priority to succeed regular title
 3.To enhance qualified match up : sub-title champions could get the priority to challenge against regular champion.