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Reactive WBA ASIA in Korea!
August 09, 2020 | Written by WBA ASIA

In-Duck Seo acquired WBA ASIA Welterweight title by TD over Jung-Kyoung Lee. All judges favored Seo.
Although Corona issue, WBA ASIA title has been re-active first in Korea as always.

Due to the Corona issue, no audience event operation.
Finally, WBA ASIA title in Korea is ready!!
August 07, 2020 | Written by WBA ASIA

Despite of the postponement, WBA ASIA Welterweight title has been set up finally. Weigh-in between In-Duck Seo and Jung-Kyoung Lee was done well. Both boxers are ready for tomorrow. The fight would be on YouTube and Portal website as live.

Be ready for post-Corona in China!
August 06, 2020 | Written by WBA ASIA

For post-Corona boxing in China, WBA CHINA holds ring official seminar for new official candidates. WBA Featherweight champion, Can Xu, the best promoter in China, Mr.Liu Gang, and the former WBA ASIA champion, Baishanbo Nasiyiwula.

Many candidates for boxing ring officials are listening the lecture by WBA CHINA.
Re-set Rematch on August 8
July 31, 2020 | Written by WBA ASIA

It's been a long time to wait for the rematch between two prospects in Korea boxing. 
In-Duck Seo [12(7KOs-3(0)-2] and Jung-Kyoung Lee [8(4KOs)-3(1)-1] are finalizing their training for WBA ASIA Welterweight title on August 8, 2020. This fight was supposed to be held on July but it has been postponed due to governmental guideline. Seo and Lee fought on 2017 but the result was draw due to accidental injury. Many boxing experts in Korea could not expect the result, and they comment this fight would be very competitive for their pride as a boxer.
Referee: Byung-Mu Kim, Judges: Min-Young Lee, Kwan-Ho Jang, Young-Bok Park. All ring officials have WBA ring official certificates.
WBA ASIA send our great appreciation towards every member to prepare this fight against Corona situation.
Hope to be a great fight!
Alexander Ustinov acquired title against Covid situation.
July 29, 2020 | Written by WBA ASIA

Very experienced Alexander Ustinov (Rus) acquired WBA ASIA Heavyweight Interim title in Minsk, Belarus on July 26.
TL Boxing Promotions resumes WBA ASIA in Thailand
July 17, 2020 | Written by WBA ASIA

On Jul 11,2020, Phoobadin Yoohanngoh (Thailand), the youngest contender in WBA ASIA, acquired WBA ASIA Super Welterweight title by UD over experienced contender, Somboon Meesitdee (Thailand). 16 years old boy, Phoobadin, has 110 Muay Thai fight experiences, and he is the winner of tournament "The Fighter". Phoobadin has landed successfully in professional boxing world.

Another the winner of the tournament "The Fighter", Arnon Yupang, acquired WBA ASIA SOUTH Featherweight title by TKO 4R over Tanawat Phonnaku (Thailand).

Finally, WBA ASIA resumes activities
July 06, 2020 | Written by WBA ASIA

July 11, the return of WBA ASIA in Bangkok
June 15, 2020 | Written by WBA ASIA

Another resume of WBA ASIA from Bangkok. TL Boxing Promotions, Terry Laosuwanwat, resumes boxing activities along with WBA ASIA double header.
TL Boxing Promotions designed "The Fighter" program in the last year to become popular boxing show. WBA ASIA give each winner to challenge our titles to promote their boxing career.
Phoobadin Yoohanngoh, who is the winner of 147lbs, will challenge WBA ASIA Super Lightweight title which is his right division. His challenger, Somboon Meesitdee, is one of impressive boxers from "The Fighter" program.
Arnon Yupang, the winner of 130lbs, will challenge WBA ASIA SOUTH Featherweight title against experienced Tanawat Phonnaku.
We expect two fights would be competitive, and TL Promotions will be carefully organizing the event along with WBA Covid protocol and government guidelines for safe event.
Good luck!
Return of WBA ASIA - WBA ASIA Welterweight title on July 4
June 07, 2020 | Written by WBA ASIA

Finally, WBA ASIA resumes our activities since Covid-19 pandemic emerged.
Due to Covid-19, international match making is not freely possible. Only possible way is that two opponents have to be from same country.
In-Duck Seo (12(7KOs)-3(0)-2) and Jung-Kyoung Lee (8(4KOs)-3(1)-1) have agreed their fight for WBA ASIA Welterweight title on July 4, 2020.

In 2019, Seo showed very impressive victory over very prospect Australian boxer, Tysinn Best (10(3KOs)-0-0), in Australia by 1st round KO. Many boxing relates were surprised about Seo's victory and keep watching his activities. Seo challenged WBA ASIA Welterweight title against Khusniddin Pulatov in Korea but he lost by Technical Decision due to accidental head butt. This is his second chance for WBA ASIA title.

Lee has interesting combative sports career who was top ranked MMA fighter in Korea. He turned his career to boxing from 2017. Lee have showed powerful boxing style and impressive record so far. He acquired OPBF title in 2019 by KO. This time, he challenged WBA ASIA title for his international boxing career.

Most of all, the important factor is that the fight is their re-match.
Seo and Lee fought on Dec.3, 2017, but it was stopped due to accidental head-butt in 4th round. The result was Draw. Since then, both managers tried to make a rematch several times but it could not be realized so far. Dramatically, their fight has been agreed with entitled WBA ASIA Welterweight.

Whoever wins, we expect great fight against Covid-19!!

April 11, 2020 | Written by WBA ASIA

Against Covid-19 virus, we WBA ASIA encourage our family members to overcome this situation. We will see soon again and we remember you always.
Two Filipinos stunned Thailand at WBA ASIA double header in Bangkok
March 02, 2020 | Written by WBA ASIA

Sarawut Thawornkham was stunned by Jeny Boy Boca in WBA ASIA Flyweight title match in his home town. Boca won by TKO 4R.
For WBA ASIA Super Flyweight title, Adrian Lerasan acquired title by TKO 7R against new Thai prospect, Tanes Ongjunta. It shows good boxing event for our fans. Good match-up.

Dinh-Hoang Truong, Eric Pen defended WBA ASIA titles
February 18, 2020 | Written by WBA ASIA

WBA ASIA has made efforts to develop new boxing market. Two prospects from Vietnam and Cambodia successfully defended their WBA ASIA titles in Manila on February 15, 2020.
Dinh-Hoang Truong (Vietnam, 3(2KOs)-0(0)-0) defended WBA ASIA Super Middleweight title by KO 2R.
Eric Pen (Cambodia, 6(5KOs)-0(0)-0) defended WBA ASIA Heavyweight title by TKO 2R.
They have a plan to defend their titles soon in Vietnam with great fights cards.

Thailand begins boxing activities
January 27, 2020 | Written by WBA ASIA

Historically, Thailand was a strong boxing country which has one of the greatest WBA world champions, Kaosai Galaxy.
Last few years, its boxing activities had been downturned. For another leap for Thailand boxing, WBA ASIA will support Thailand boxing to be prosperous again with our great promoters.

January 26, we had historic boxing event by Tantelecom Promotion  5 consecutive WBA ASIA title matches were addressed in a day. We firmly believe this would meet our future plan, "WBA ASIA QUALIFIED".

- WBA ASIA Minimumweight champion, Sanhajate Kaewpoon
- WBA ASIA SOUTH Super Featherweight champion, Campee Phayom
- WBA ASIA SOUTH Super Flyweight champion, Nattapong Jankaew
- WBA ASIA SOUTH Light Flyweight champion, Pattawee Phansawat
- WBA ASIA EAST Bantamweight champion, Boonrueang Phayom

We would bring other important actives in Thailand upcoming February.

Danilo Creati acquired title in Korea by SD
January 21, 2020 | Written by WBA ASIA

Danilo Creati acquired WBA ASIA Middleweight title by Split Decision over Hyun-Min Yang in Jeon-Ju city, Korea.
Woo-Hyun Kim and Min Jang acquired WBA ASIA EAST Super Flyweight title and WBA ASIA EAST Super Bantamweight title respectively.

Jun Zhao retained WBA ASIA Bantamweight title by TKO 2R
January 07, 2020 | Written by WBA ASIA

Jun Zhao retained WBA ASIA Bantamweight title by TKO 2R over Jay Francis Buray.

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