WBA ASIA Ratings

WBA ASIA Ratings
October, 2019

(as of October 21)

WBA ASIA Ratings - based on Trend Potint Reference system
• Trend point system is a reference tool for WBA ASIA ranking to enhance each boxer¡¯s rank in each WBA ASIA title division.
• This system is not absolute but relative point to represent the recent status of WBA ASIA rankers.
• This system includes the latest 3 results point, wining rate, KO rate, and rating committee point.
• In addition to the "Trend Point Reference system", the following factors shall be also taking into consideration to classify contenders;
  -results of fights and caliber of the contenders
-level and frequency of boxers' competition,
-national champions of each commission's official ratings
-boxer shall be rated in only one(1) weight category
-boxer suspended of license inclusive medical reason shall be removed

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