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Weigh-in from Bangkok
April 23, 2021 | Written by WBA ASIA
Weigh-in for WBA ASIA Light Heavyweight and WBA ASIA SOUTH Bantamweight title matches. Two champs, Tewa Kiram and Nonthasith Petchnamthong take their defense match against experienced Sirimongkhon Iamthuam and Suradech Ruhasiri respectively. Fights will be held in Bangkok tomorrow. Good luck!

WBA CHINA annual meeting
April 18, 2021 | Written by WBA ASIA

WBA CHINA annual meeting of 2021 in beautiful city, Chengdu, China
Shamil Khataev defended WBA ASIA SOUTH Middleweight title
April 11, 2021 | Written by WBA ASIA

Rising middleweight Russian boxer, Shamil Khataev, maintained his WBA ASIA SOUTH Middleweight title by impressive TKO at the first round (3 knock down) over Maono Ally in Grozny, Russia. Referee Dmitry Boldyrev and supervisor Sergei Khursanov approve his visctory.

WBA ASIA re-activates Indonesia boxing
April 06, 2021 | Written by WBA ASIA

Again, pioneer. WBA ASIA re-activates Indonesia boxing. On April 3, WBA ASIA SOUTH Welterweight title was held between Geisler AP and Sonny Manakane in Jakarta. Geisler AP became new WBA ASIA SOUTH Welterweight champion by TKO 3R. Although difficulties of Corona situation, Nelson Nainggolan helped to reactive Indonesia boxing. Appreciated.

Geisler AP defeated Manakane to win the WBA-South Asia title
April 05, 2021 | Written by WBA
Generation shift! Emerging young boxers became WBA ASIA!
March 28, 2021 | Written by WBA ASIA

17 years old, Phoobadin Yohanngoh (10(5KOs)-0(0)-0) successfully defended his WBA ASIA Super Lightweight title by TKO 8R over experienced Suriya Tatakhun. For WBA ASIA Flyweight championship, Tanes Onjunta (7(4KOs)-1(1)-0) acquired title in his second trial for the title. We hope these two prospects' energetic activities could bring to re-build professional boxing in Thailand.

Weigh-in for WBA ASIA double-header completed in Bangkok
March 26, 2021 | Written by WBA ASIA

WBA ASIA double-header sets up. WBA ASIA Super Lightweight defense match between Phoobadin Yohanngoh (10(5KOs)-0(0)-0) and Suriya Tatakhun (61(41KOs)-7(3)-0). WBA ASIA Flyweight title match between Tanes Onjunta (7(4KOs)-1(1)-0) and Suriyan Satorn (60(41KOs)-9(4)-0). Weigh-in has been successfully done at the Arena of Bangkok.

WBA ASIA Double Header in Bangkok, March 27
March 17, 2021 | Written by WBA ASIA

WBA ASIA double header will be held in Bangkok, March 27. Young prospect, Phoobadin Yohanngoh (10(5KOs)-0(0)-0), will have 2nd defense match for WBA ASIA Super Lightweight against experienced Suriya Tatakhun (61(41KOs)-7(3)-0). For entering world stage, this defense match would be great momentum for champion, Phoobadin. On the other hand, Tanes Onjunta (7(4KOs)-1(1)-0) will challenge again for WBA ASIA Flyweight title against Suriyan Satorn (60(41KOs)-9(4)-0). Tanes challenged WBA ASIA Super Flyweight title against Adrian Lerasan an year ago bur he shockingly lost by TKO. After several warming-up fights, Tanes came back for WBA ASIA title in Flyweight division. We highly expect two fights would be very competitive and entertaining.
Promoted by TL Boxing Promotions
Arnon successfully acquired SOUTH title in Bangkok
February 28, 2021 | Written by WBA ASIA

On February 27, Arnon Yupang (Tha) acquired WBA ASIA SOUTH Featherweight title over experienced, Amnat Ruenroeng (Tha), by UD in Bangkok. The fight was competitive and qualified. The winner of the tournament program of "The Fighter", Arnon Yupang, could aim the next target, Anurak Thisa (Tha, WBA #15), for WBA ASIA regular title. Through this, Arnon makes his own way to the world step by step. The referee was Armando Garcia who is very experienced WBA ring official.
promoted by TL Boxing Promotions

Weigh-in done from Bangkok!
February 26, 2021 | Written by WBA ASIA
Weigh-in done! WBA ASIA SOUTH Featherweight title - Arnon Yupang (6(3KOs)-1(0)-0) vs. Amnat Ruenroeng (21(6KOs)-4(2)-0). Fight will be held tomorrow in Bangkok.

TL Boxing Promotions opens WBA ASIA activity in Thailand for 2021
February 20, 2021 | Written by WBA ASIA

Arnon Yupang (6(3KOs)-1(0)-0), former WBA ASIA SOUTH Featherweight champion, will challenge title again on February 27 in Bangkok. He lost his title to Nonthasith Petchnamthong in the last year by Split Decision. After his title lost, he has been trained well, and he will fight against very experienced, Amnat Ruenroeng (21(6KOs)-4(2)-0). Arnon was the winner of famous Thailand boxing tournament program "The Fighter".
Through this event, TL Boxing Promotions starts WBA ASIA activity in Thailand for 2021.

Moskvichev and Mkrtchyan to fight for the WBA Asia title on February 20
February 09, 2021 | Written by WBA
WBA ASIA starts memorable year of 2021 (Postponed)
February 07, 2021 | Written by WBA ASIA

WBA ASIA starts activity of memorable year of 2021 which will be held in Moscow on February 20, 2021. Two prospects Edgard Moskvichev (11(4KOs)-1(0)-2) and Varazdat Mkrtchyan (11(3KOs)-0(0)-0) will fight for WBA ASIA Middleweight title which was vacated on last Jan.25 through our temporary title activate policy.
Promoted by Vlad Hrunov
Scenes from Moscow on Christmas eve.
December 26, 2020 | Written by WBA ASIA

Christmas eve, Evgeny Terentiev becomes WBA ASIA Super Welterweight champion by UD.

Scenes from double header in Yinchuan on Dec.11
December 26, 2020 | Written by WBA ASIA

The first ever Macau boxer, Lap-Cheong Cheong, becomes WBA ASIA EAST Super Flyweight champion in Yinchuan city on December 11, 2020.

Tumaerbieke Nuerbieke acquired WBA ASIA Super Welterweight Interim title in Yinchuan city on December 11, 2020.

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