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China starts boxing again!!
November 25, 2022 | Written by WBA ASIA

WBA ASIA reactive activities in China finally. Former Minimumweight world champion, Xiong-Chao Zhong, promoted WBA ASIA EAST Super Bantamweight title between De-Kang Wang and Rolly Sumalpong in Wen-Shan City, Yunnan Province, China. From this event, officially, China boxing is reactive. Appreciated our great promoter, Mr.Liu Gang. As always, we are the pioneer!

The 1st round TKO victory from Ulsan!
November 14, 2022 | Written by WBA ASIA

Deok-No Yun (6(4KOs)-1(0)-1) surprised unbeaten Sung-Jae Jo (12(8KOs)-0(0)-0) by TKO. Fast finisher knock Jo down twice and referee stopped the fight at the 1st round. Great stoppage. Deok-No Yun became WBA ASIA EAST Super Middleweight champion!
Weigh-in from Ulsan, Korea
November 13, 2022 | Written by WBA ASIA

Weigh-in done for WBA ASIA EAST Super Middleweight title in Ulsan, Korea. Sung-Jae Jo and Deok-No Yun had their weights 167.7lbs and 166.6lbs respectively. Good luck for both!
Reactive China and another first ever in Bangladesh!
November 06, 2022 | Written by WBA ASIA

It’s been along time since covid pandemic. Finally, we are reactive our activity in China and have first ever activity in Bangladesh on Nov.24 and Dec.23 respectively. We, WBA ASIA, always try to be the pioneer as WBA slogan!
Charly Suarez successfully 2nd time defended WBA ASIA title
October 23, 2022 | Written by WBA ASIA

Charly Suarez defended his WBA ASIA Super Featherweight title by UD against experienced Carlo Magali. Suarez outclassed aggressive Magali with his upper level class boxing skills. The fight was held in Manila, Philippines and promoted by VSP Promotions.

Hyun-Mi Choi retained WBA FEMALE world title!
October 20, 2022 | Written by WBA ASIA

Hyun-Mi Choi retained her WBA FEMALE Super Featherweight title by UD against Vanessa Bradford. This fight was Choi’s10th defense match of WBA title held in beautiful city, Seoul.
Vince Paras acquired WBA ASIA SOUTH Flyweight title over Robert Paradero!
October 10, 2022 | Written by WBA ASIA

Vince Paras proves his qualified skills. Paras acquired WBA ASIA SOUTH Flyweight title by UD over aggressive Robert Paradero in Manila. Paras knocked Paradero down twice at 3rd round. The fight was presented by KSK Promotion.

Weigh-in successfully done in Manila.
October 08, 2022 | Written by WBA ASIA

Vince Paras 111.18lbs and Robert Paradero 111.10lbs were done for their weigh-in for WBA ASIA SOUTH Flyweight title. Cyren Seno of KSK Promotions and WBA ASIA supervisor, Mr.Silvestre Abainza, approved official weights for both.

Two Phil greats will crash for WBA ASIA SOUTH title!
October 06, 2022 | Written by WBA ASIA

Vince Paras (17(15KO)-2(0)-1) and Robert Paradero (18(12KO)-2(1)-1) will fight again since they had Split Draw on April 26 fight. The fight will be in Manila by KSK Promotions. The WBA ASIA regular champion for this Flyweight division is Thai prospect Tanes Ongjunta (WBA#7). The winner of this fight challenge regular title against Tanes?
Charly Suarez takes another step against Carlo Magali for entering to the world!
October 04, 2022 | Written by WBA ASIA

Veteran Olympian, Charly Suarez, will have his 2nd defense match for WBA ASIA Super Featherweight title against experienced Carlo Magali. Very standard boxer Suarez and aggressive Magali will do and show their best performances for WBA ASIA belt. The fight would be on October 23 in beautiful city Manila. Promoted by VSP Promotions.
Yuttapong Tongdee retained WBA ASIA Bantamweight title by TKO!!
October 02, 2022 | Written by WBA ASIA

Sensational KO. WBA ASIA Bantamweight champion, Yuttapong Tongdee, defended his 1st defense match against Philippines prospect, Herlan Gomez, by TKO at 8R. By this victory, Tongdee recorded 9(5KOs)-0(0)-0.

Lienard Sarcon is still unbeaten with WBA ASIA belt!
September 05, 2022 | Written by WBA ASIA

Lienard won WBA ASIA Featherweight title over Korean one top, Jong-Seon Kang, by UD (96-93, 96-93, 96-95). The fight was truly exciting and outstanding by new champion. Strong hearted Kang may want to have revenge match? WBA ASIA truly appreciated for both fighters’ best performances.

Weigh-in done from Korea for WBA ASIA Featherweight title
September 03, 2022 | Written by WBA ASIA

Both are good!!! Weigh-in for WBA ASIA Featherweight title. Actual one top of Korea, Jong-Seon Kang, and undefeated young prospect, Lienard Sarcon, make their weighs as 125.9lbs and 125.2lbs respectively.
Two fighters strongly show their confidence for the victory. Who could be remained as undefeated?
WBA world rankers of August, 2022
September 01, 2022 | Written by WBA ASIA

WBA ASIA champions in WBA world ranking;
Minimumweight : Huu-Toan Le | WBA #9
Light Flyweight : Thitisak Hoitong | WBA #14
Flyweight : Tanes Ongjunta | WBA #7
Super Flyweight : Adrian Lerasan | WBA #12
Super Bantamweight : Carl Jammes Martin | WBA #11
Super Lightweight : Phoobadin Yoohanngoh | WBA #15

All our champions are valuable. Including unrated our champions, you did great jobs despite of pandemic situation. We will keep supporting our champion all time to the world stage of boxing.
Cheers, WBA ASIA with WBA!!!

Phoobadin loaded for his 5th defense match!
August 26, 2022 | Written by WBA ASIA

Phoobadin loaded for his WBA ASIA Super Lightweight 5th defense match against Rimar Metuda. Two great prospects will show their best fight in their boxing career on September 3 @spaceplus_bangkok !!
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