Double header in Bangkok for tiger belts on upcoming May 7
April 07, 2022 | Written by WBA ASIA

Upcoming May 7, 2022, we have very important fights for Thailand and WBA ASIA as well. Tanes Ongjunta (9(4KOs)-1(1)-0, WBA #8) will defend his WBA ASIA Flyweight title against experienced Jakrawut Majungoan (41(20KOs)-1(1)-1). This defense match would be the big adventure for Tanes for his future boxing career. Jakrawut could be classified as top class boxer and he has much more ring experience with good opponents. For Tanes, this could be a big test. Through his previous tough fights, Tanes became stronger and feels it is time to take this step to go up more. Currently, Tanes ranked #8 in WBA world ranking at Flyweight division.

WBA ASIA Light Flyweight title shot also will be happened in the same event. Thitisak Hoitong (2(1KO)-0(0)-0) is a former MuayThai boxer who has over 60 fights experience. Thitisak impressed boxing industry when he entered the boxing ring. The opponent is taller Kitidech Hirunsuk (8(5KOs)-1(0)-0) who becomes well known by challenge WBA ASIA Minimumweight on March in Vietnam. The fight was close fight and Kitidech showed his potential as well. He wants to challenge WBA ASIA again for Light Flyweight division. Our former WBA ASIA Light Flyweight champion Andika D'Golden Boy (Indonesia) is ready for our title and requests a plan to challenge against the winner of this fight.